Let’s Build NM’s Strongest Deportation Defense!

In the last couple of weeks ICE has ramped-up their enforcement efforts across the nation. New Mexico is no different as we have witnessed people being detained at their homes and even their place of employment this week.

To make matters worse, the Trump administration is still demanding billions from Congress to embolden DHS’ enforcement campaigns nationwide. For that reason NM Dream Team is activating our ‘Deportation Defense Hotline & Case Management’ full-force!

Make a donation today to bring the heat to ICE and melt them away from our communities! Every donation will ensure we fight the most deportation cases possibles across N.M.

Donate Today!

Through our “Deportation Defense” work we empower communities through Know Your Rights trainings, provide a Hotline to report ICE activity, and provide support to individuals and families to develop campaigns to fight deportation cases.

The urgency for these resources is real and we cannot delay any longer! Your donations will ensure our families are ready to fight back and push ICE out of our neighborhoods, cities, and state.

Support our vital work to protect immigrant families and become an ‘ICE Melter’. Make your donation right here!

Donate Today!

Together we will shape communities that live without fear of family separation and who have access to opportunities to thrive. Trump and his racist, anti-immigrant agenda will not win the day!

From the bottom of my heart and everyone at the NM Dream Team:

Thank you!

Gabriela Hernandez

Executive Director

New Mexico Dream Team