Sign Our Pledge Today!

Sign our Pledge Today!

Friends, family & allies,  

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There’s no denying the Trump administration has made it its mission to terrorize and tear apart our immigrant communities nationwide.

With plans such as the building of the wall, increase in Border Patrol personnel, the ongoing plan to increase the housing of our families in detention center across the nation, and the raids that continue separating our families, it is our duty to continue building the resistance and to oppose such plans.

That is why we need you to sign our pledge to become part of the resistance and opposition to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda!

Signing our pledge is an act of empowerment and resilience, the same resilience that has allowed us to fight back against an anti-immigrant governor for the past seven years right here in our home.

Your signature will reaffirm your compromise to continue fighting for our immigrant communities, locally, statewide, and nationally.

Now is the time to resist and stand in opposition to tell the Trump administration that, “We In New Mexico Are Fighting Back Against his hate and bigotry!”


Fighting Back Pledge; New Mexico Dream TeamMy Fighting Back Pledge:


I pledge to use this moment to organize, educate and mobilize our communities to fight back against the criminalization of immigrants and to stop our families from being torn apart.

It is time to move the immigration debate forward because together:

We are powerful

We are united

We are home

We are #HereToStay