‘Fighting for a DREAM’ – Irvin Dominguez

Sixteen years ago, Irvin Dominguez and his mother came from Mexico into the United States undocumented. Since then, Irving has lived a life in fear; fear of the possibility him or his mother could be deported one day. However, what Irving fears the most is he, or his mother, having to leave his little siblings behind without anyone to care for them.

He has seen many of his family members get deported in his lifetime, making him always double think his actions for fear of ending up in a deportation predicament.

Irvin qualifies for a clean DREAM Act, however, if a clean DREAM Act is not passed, Irvin worries not being able to get his dream job in the automotive field, or any job for that matter.

Irvin hopes to be able to be employed in the country, traveling across the U.S. and most importantly for him is his desire to “finally experience what is ‘freedom'”.

As the push for Congress to pass a clean Dream Act before the en of the year comes to a crunch, over 200 immigrant leaders from Nm are traveling to D.C. on Dec. 19th, to demand protections for immigrant youth and families nationwide.

Today, you can support Felipe’s fight by making a $25 donation which will ensure he makes his voice heard at our nations capital and demand a life without fear of being separated form his family.